Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sant'Angelo Muxaro, Agrigento

If you like archaeology, nature, and ancient hill top towns,
then you'll enjoy a visit to Sant'Angelo Muxaro as much as we did. 
The path that leads to the archaeological area of rock cut tombs is halfway down the town's hill. The view over the surrounding fields is spectacular.
Looking up is a reminder that this is not really the middle of nowhere.
The modern buildings, just visible overhead, are a striking contrast to the Iron Age period necropolis down here.
The long narrow tombs are cut into the white calcite rocks that encircle this section of the hill. The stone slabs that were originally used to seal the tombs have been neatly placed near the entryways, making it easier to envision how this necropolis would have appeared in antiquity.
 The path goes on beyond the tombs but we turn around and head back.
 And take the time to stop and admire the little things about this place.


  1. I’ve never heard of this place! How spectacular!! Fabulous shots, too, Karen. Grazie mille.

  2. Hi Jann, yes it is a little off the beaten track this town and its site, but worth discovering for sure. Enjoy!


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