Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Treasure hunt: Acitrezza

The short paths leading down to Acitrezza's rocky beach are all along the town's boardwalk and can't be missed. There was no way my 7 year old was not going down there. The equally exuberant puppy followed in step, dragging me along behind him.

And there I found myself, skipping along the rocks, smack in the middle of a little boy adventure and the best kind of spontaneous treasure hunting. Really just some time for being in the moment, appreciating the beauty of the place, and getting inspired by my son's contagious excitement and deep love of sea creatures. What more could a camera happy mamma want?

Look at the treasures we found!

Mamma's pick: a lonely wooden fishing boat
Little boy pick: An empty shell wedged between the rocks
Little boy pick: An overturned rock revealed this sweet creature: a spiny starfish (Marthasterias glasialis)

 Little boy pick: Black crabs are speedy, but still no match for these hands.
Don't worry, all living creatures were returned to safety after a goodbye kiss. 
Puppy pick: Faraglione islands, those little rocky peaks out in the distance could tempt any dog with their flocks of seagulls and colorful lizards.

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