Monday, October 13, 2014

Isola delle Correnti: Where two seas meet

Welcome to the Isola delle Correnti, Sicily's most southern point! 

From the town of Portopaolo we admired the island from a distance, the silhouette of the old abandoned lighthouse and the long thin strip of rocky earth that once connected the island to the mainland. Of course we weren't satisfied by only seeing it from afar. 

We wanted to get a closer look. So off came the shoes (and then shorts and shirt of the little guy), and we slowly crunched our way across the long sandy beach.

The light was amazing. In other parts of Sicily a major rainstorm was raging, but here we remained dry and quite warm as the sun peeked through the rolling clouds. By the time we'd made it to the rocky strip we were ready for a swim. Only the little guy was so lucky, as by now he was playing in the waves in his underwear! In the summer, when the water is warm and the tide is low, it is easy to walk/swim to the island for an even closer exploration.  

The amazing thing about this place is that exactly here is the meeting point of two great seas: the Mediterranean and Ionian. You can tell by the continual rows of small waves rolling against each other, one from the east, the other from the west, forming a clear straight line where the clashing currents meet. Today, things were quite calm and you had to pay close attention to notice the currents.

First we hung out on the Mediterranean side. It was so calm and still, barely a ripple disturbed the glistening water.

Then we took a long wade in the Ionian sea. There was definitely more movement here today. Can't you see the difference?

One long last look at the big blue sea....and we were off, until next time!

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