Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Swimming at Punta Castelluccio, Plemmirio

Last week I shared about our first stop in our exploration of the Plemmirio Marine Reserve. The old lighthouse and cliffy coastline at Capo Murro di Porco was stunning, but not at all accessible for swimming. Even though it was not the sunniest of days, the air was warm and we didn't want to miss an opportunity to get wet in such pristine water.

We knew from the map of the reserve that there was a swimming beach called Castelluccio further north towards the city of Siracusa. So we got back in our car and headed in what seemed to be the right direction. Several locals we passed along the way confirmed we were on the right track. There was some good signage, too, a rarity for this island! 

10 minutes later we found ourselves parking on a dead end dirt road along with a small crowd of cars. A foot path appeared to be heading towards the coast, so we meandered along and after just a few minutes found ourselves peering out over this beautiful spot! YES!

Spectacular secluded beach at Punta Castelluccio

Crystal clear water and two little sandy coves.

We stood and watched for awhile, soaking in the view. A lone swimmer glided soundlessly through the inviting water. It looked so perfect!

Breathtaking Punta Castelluccio
To get down to the cove would require descending a steep, rocky hill. The small sandy patch we were eyeing already looked a little crowded, even with just a few people there. Hesitant to make the trek, we decided to check out the cove on the other side of the path and see if that might be a better swimming option.  

Our private beach at Punta Castelluccio

Ahhh! Over here it's not quite as protected, but the same crystalline water greeted us and we could have this spot all to ourselves. 2 out of 3 of us took the plunge! I hate to admit it, but the water was a little chilly for me. I did, however, wade to my heart's content. 

Our private beach at Punta Castelluccio

Our little beach felt perfectly secluded with this as our backdrop. 

Shallow waters for exploring at Punta Castelluccio

And there were also these shallow waters to explore. My son went berserk! A nature boy's dream.

We all agreed these were the cleanest, clearest waters we had seen in a very long time. Another Sicilian treasure to add to our growing list.