Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Tuscan (and lovebird's) dream: the natural hot springs of Saturnia

Like a couple of lovebirds we were able to celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary this year at one of our favorite places on the planet -- Saturnia.

Lovebirds doodle.
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Saturnia is a tiny southern Tuscan town. What makes it special, other than its perfectly Italian Tuscan vibe, are the natural hot springs that gurgle up from the earth's deeps, forming the most glorious pools of hot steamy water.

These are healing waters. The sulphur content is high, so a pungent odor characterizes the place, along with steamy, billowing clouds that form in the cool mornings and evenings adding to the magic of this most relaxing and indulgent of places. 

The main pool is a simple, ancient, rectangular basin. Ledges along the edges allow for endless hours of soaking. Other than the occasional bubble rising to the surface, it is impossible to see the exact source of the thermal waters. They rise silently up from the deep bottom of the pool at such a fast rate that it always remains full (check out this cool video). The almost 100 degree Fahrenheit natural temperature is hot, but not too hot, especially in the cool autumn air. Truly the perfect medicine for warming body, mind, and soul. 

From the main pool the water is directed in channels down to a lower section of the spa. Here there are a series of additional pools, and a dizzying array of water relaxation delights.

The waters continue to flow, from the resort to the famous Cascate di Mulino. These are free, wild waterfalls that attract hoards of people all times of the year. Here you do not have the luxury of the resort, but you have the natural setting of this unique little paradise. The only downside is that the water is cooler down here.

These pools are reminiscent of Pamukkale in Turkey. Warm water tumbles down over the edges of white rocks that have formed from the accumulation of mineral deposits. They are white, smooth and slippery.

The water is perfectly clear with a pale blue hue. 

Moving further downstream the mineral waters merge with the Tuscan landscape.

And off they go.

To lovers of nature, natural hot springs, and beautiful destinations, Saturnia is the place for you. Not only for lovebirds either, this is a very family friendly place.