Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Biking Catania

The feeling of cruising on a bike, wind in hair, sun on face, seems to capture what I desire most in this new year: relaxation, fun, freedom, movement. 

'Let's Ride!' digital illustration
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It's actually been getting a little easier to experience the fun of biking here in Catania the last few years. I think most people would agree, Catania (and probably much of Sicily), is not the most bike friendly kind of place.

Despite that, bikers are a common sight. You have your hardcore bikers - those who prefer bikes to cars as transport, and the serious biking crowd, that moves in packs all geared up. And now, you have the regular folks who have been been inspired to join in the fun in a more relaxed kind of way.  

I think the main reason for for this new group of bikers is the construction of a bike lane (yes, Catania has only one official bike lane). Albeit a little short, the cycle-only lane is located in a convenient area, right along the city's seaside. For non-serious bikers like myself, this has been a most welcome source of inspiration to get outdoors on two wheels and get those legs moving.

I know the bike lane has received a lot of criticism for various reasons, but being an optimist I can't help but enjoy the views of the sea and Mt. Etna you can experience while cruising Catania on a sunny day. It's also one of the few places in Catania where I feel I can safely take my son on a bike ride. 

Today the sun is shining once again after many days of rain and it looks like the perfect day for a bike ride. Let's go!