Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Saturnia: A Tuscan Town

After several days of soaking in the glorious waters of Saturnia's natural hot springs, we decided it was time to stretch our legs and get some fresh air. Yes, the area is also great for walking (and eating, too)!

View of the Terme di Saturnia from the walking trail

We made it to a marked trail that would take us along an old path up to the top of the hill where the tiny town of Saturnia was perched. 

Trail map love

I just love the detailed trail map, another reminder of how civilized Tuscany feels (don't find many of these in Sicily).

The hilltop town of Saturnia

There's the town and the gentle climb that warmed us up.

Beautiful scenery

The scenery was lush and green in a Tuscan kind of way. Vineyards. Cyprus.

Travel sketch inspired by the flowy ferns that lined the trail.
To see more of my artwork click here.

Flowy ferns.

Old stone houses.

Tiny bursts of color. 

The last leg was steep and we huffed our way to the arched entryway into the town, remnants of the ancient Romans who once lived here.

Huge slabs of stone of the ancient town walls. 

And here the path is actually an ancient road. 

Roman paving stones interrupted by the modern cobble stone. 

Ancient stone worn with grooved markings of the carts that once went up and down this hill.

In the town there are more details to take it. Lovely church and and bell tower. So typically Tuscan.

Charming shops in old stone buildings.

Surprising decorations. 

And a hidden castle, peeking out from behind a field of olive trees, too.